Our Services


We supply refineries with spare parts, equipment, machinery, greases/oils and similar products needed in their production. Offer them state of the art technology for replacement of old ones to higher and more automated ones for reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Also, introduce them to new software solutions to optimize production processes and monitor whole processes from start to end.


Strengthening infrastructures of cities and villages by implementing contemporary engineering solutions and using machinery that can fasten completion time of each project needs a lot of experience. This is where we become a partner to show our experience, different approach to manage and solve tasks and help our partners to achieve their goals.


We introduce local farmers with breeds of livestock that can grow comfortable in stated region’s eco system. Also, we help farmers in each step of growing their livestock as each step of growing needs their different approach whether its sheltering conditions or given feed type.


Central asian region is where the high quality cotton is being growen. We help local facilities in this region to export their products such as processed cotton, fibers and flannels to global markets. We, also, help local producers to stay in pace with global producers by supplying spare parts and newer machinery so that they can improve quality of their products and able to complete with other global producers.